Conscious Art Theater & Performance Group (CATHPEG Class)

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At CATHPEG (Conscious Art Theater & Performance Groups) I teach the art of performance and theater with a twist of spiritual expansion. Expect to learn some skills, expand your awareness, have some fun through creative play and improvising. In other words expect to explore the limits of you own freedom.
Every Wednesday at 18:05 until 19:25 and you can bring along a favorite text! (Check out the theme of the following class!)

Datum & Tijd
Date(s) - woensdag 20 juni 2018
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

CATHPEG is about re-inventing our own personal freedom as part of the truth about ourselves. What is important here is freedom. For me. For the participants.
The only commitment is to the text.

You should expect to:

  • participate in theatrical games, and improvisation
  • learn how to go deeper into the art of theater and performance
  • learn how to go deeper into a text and unlock its underlying energy and  meaning
  • become aware of your feelings and your thoughts
  • gain clarity over your inner conflicts and explore solutions
  • have fun through expression and communication
  • expand your consciousness, raise your vibration ( and consequently the vibration of the universe)

Wednesdays from 18:05 to 19:25.

Price 15euros per class. (contact to reserve a a space or show up on the day)

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​Please be on time and wear comfortable clothes. You are welcome to bring along a favorite text (optional). The classes are in English but your text can be in any language you want, provided that you can read it and you know what it says 🙂

 * Every session/ class is independent (which means you can attend as many as you want or whenever you want!). Classes might be themed, so check out my facebook page or website to find out next weeks theme!

** I have a vision that in the future this group will grow, and that together with the most frequent participants we will form a small core CATHPEGroup  that will work on a  performance project that can eventually be presented to the public 😉