Datum & Tijd
Date(s) - woensdag 20 november 2019
10:15 am - 11:30 am


In the qi flow yoga classes, we build inner strength and flexibility through flowing movements 

The soft yet strong, flowing movements, combined with meditative breathing and mind focus, help to develop a deep sense of connection within our bodies and minds. Through regular practice this can develop a strong and flexible body and a calm and quiet mind. 

Due to the physical movements, the energy pathways in the body (meridians) open completely and the life energy (qi) can flow freely through the body. As a result, you gradually become more aware of how your body feels and where there is tension and resistance (energy blockages). 

You will be better able to sense what you need, both physically and mentally, to stay balanced and from this state consciously choose a healthy lifestyle. The mental result of the exercises is mainly expressed in a more balanced handling of work pressure, tension and setback in daily life.

Structure of the classes:

  • Short meditation: influenced by the theme of the class. Increases your awareness and clarity and helps you to develop inner strength
  • Activation: a dynamic and playful warm-up to music
  • Energy Block Release: series of flowing movements to release blocked energy and reduce body tension.
  • Qi flow yoga sequences: sun salutation, earth salutation, moon salutation, vitality sequence and so on
  • Qi flow asana’s: yoga postures that we practice in a flowing way.
  • Pranayama: mindful breathing exercises
  • Deep relaxation: allows your body to balance and heal itself. I often use guided meditation or music

You don’t have to be flexible for this type of Yoga. The most important thing is that you learn to listen to yourself. After a class you will feel more present in your body, relaxed, breathing more freely and with a calm and quiet mind.

The intention of the classes is to empower people to learn how to take care of their body and mind’s well being

No experience is necessary. Open to all people, ages and abilities. Everyone is welcome.

Promotion offer for new students: first 2 classes for € 15, valid for 3 weeks
So you only pay €7.50 per class! A great way to see if Qi Flow Yoga works for you.

You can sign up by sending an email to: info@hartenziel.studio or a WhatsApp to: 06-43057963

Class Card:

5x  for €55

10x for €100

Single class €12

You can pay in cash after/before the class or transfer the money to:

D. Riegel


Please mention clearly for what class or class card you are paying!

Its also possible to join with Onefit!

You can wear anything that is comfortable for you and allows you to move freely. There is the possibility to change clothes at TACA

Mats and cushion are available, but you are always free to bring your own things.