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Wellbeing-Massages for Woman & Aroma Coaching
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Welkom ,                                                                           

I am Susanne , a german Massage- & Gestalttherapeut .

I have start my work with massages in 2001. Over the years

massaging is no longer just a job for me, it has developed into

a fulfilling vocation.

My particular pleasure is dedicated by integrating essential oil

into my Massages and Therapeutic work .

Apart from  Aroma massages and the Raindrop Technique massage,

which belong to the especially fragrance massages in my massage offer

i am also working with the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) , a Step-by-Step Process which is using essential oils to help us realising our dreams and heart desires. It gently release negative emotions, thought pattern and limiting beliefs that may be holding us back from realising our life purpose .

Fragrances have an immediate effect as they are directly connect with the limbic system in our brain .

Just think on the scent of the fresh Coffee in the morning

or the refreshing aroma of peeled mandarins .....Fragrances have a big impact on our emotional feelings .

Therefor I attach great importance to the purity of the essential oils

and I use exclusively essential Oils of therapeutic grade.


At TACA I offer Wellbeing-Massages for Woman ,

AFT-Sessions and Massage trainings.


Appointments on Request .


I am looking forward to welcome you at TACA.


Susanne Reinhardt




For more Informations about myself , AFT and the Raindrop Technique Massage ,

please take a look here :




Email :

Phone : +31(0)644364359

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