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Qi flow yoga, coaching, soundhealings and Argentine tango
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Since my childhood, music and dance have been my passions and since my twenties, yoga and spirituality have been added. At a young age I started a classical music career and after a successful international solo career, I became the Solo harpist of the Residentie Orchestra in Den Haag in 2004.
For about 10 years I have been active as a dancer and dance teacher (dance expression and Argentinian tango) and in 2015 I founded Tangostudio Amsterdam.
In 2010 I completed the Anusara Yoga training. In 2018 I completed the Deugden(virtues) yoga teacher training and Spirit & Soul coaching and I started the Dru yoga teacher training.
In 2018 I founded Hart & Ziel Studio where I want to share my knowledge and experience and help people in the field of yoga, spiritual coaching, music, sound healing and dance.


Qi flow yoga classes

I like to share my passion for yoga with you and I do that in an accessible way for almost everyone: whether you are new to yoga or have been doing it for years.

My yoga practice started more than 20 years ago with power yoga, ashtanga and bikram yoga.  At the same time I came in contact with tai chi and qi gong.  I practiced qi gong mainly when I was overworked and exhausted to restore balance and to get in touch with myself again.

 I grew up with the conviction that you could only achieve something in life with willpower, discipline and perseverance. But more and more often I suffered from injuries, chronic tension and stress.

Slowly I learned to listen better to my body and to be more loving and caring with myself.

 For years I had been searching for a form in which yoga and qi gong are combined.  When I was introduced to Dru yoga I found this and it was love at first sight.  Nowadays it has become a daily practice and it prevents me from becoming overstimulated and exhausted and helps me to feel relaxed, fit and vital on a daily base.

Besides Qi flow yoga I also teach hatha flow yoga classes at different places.

Self-connection and deep relaxation are at the core of my classes, helping us to find that space of silence deep within us, so we are able to become more aware of the subtle sensations in our body, creating a space for us to connect with out true selves, our inner guidance and intuition

I also practice the path of Bhakti Yoga, the yogic path of devotion and the opening the heart.


At TACA I teach yoga on Wednesday mornings from 10:15-11:30

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I also offer coaching sessions, soundhealings, singing bowls therapy and private Argentine tango lessons at TACA.

Contact me for more information if you are interested