Beyond Mindfulness

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Marc Keller
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Mindfulness, yoga and meditation have always been an important part of my life. Since 2012 I have been giving weekly trainings in mindfulness and self-compassion.
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By offering a unique mix of training, coaching and retraite in mindfulness, self compassion and core of meditation. Beyond Mindfulness wants to give a lasting and profound answer on modern life challenges.

Even though we have become much richer and we can buy virtually everything we want, we are hardly any happier then let’s say thirty or fifty years ago. Even more so depression, burnout and anxieties are growing like never before. How is that possible? For an important part because we have hardly any clue how our thoughts and emotions work, what the essence of yourself is and how to deal with the ever changing outer world in a lasting way.

This why I truly want to bring you Beyond Mindfulness!


I am so grateful that TACA facilitates this proces for me. By allowing me to give weekly drop-in-meditations for a very affordable rate, which allows me to offer these sessions on give-what-you-want basis (donation) for participants.