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Natalia Bielczyk
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I am a researcher, an entrepreneur, an author, and a philanthropist. In Welcome Solutions, we help researchers in developing careers in industry.
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Natalia Bielczyk
Welcome Solutions

Our workshops are focused on self-discovery and preparing the participants for developing their future careers. We are practical, goal-oriented and we always take an individual approach to the course participants. Our one-day intense career trainings at TACA contain a series of workshops:

  • How to find your true calling? Nature versus nurture
  • Where to go next? The landscape of Post-PhD career tracks
  • How to land a dream job? Finding and developing your transferrable skills and core competencies. Applying for jobs/approaching job interviews
  • Entrepreneurship session: Personal finances & How to build a business as a scientist
  • Survival guidebook: How to manage yourself in industry?

We also include the following activities:

  • aptitude tests
  • assignments in pairs
  • group games
  • 1-1 consultancy sessions

We work with professional recruiters and career coaches. We are also currently testing our own recruitment system - if you participate in our event, you might be called with a job offer!