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Olga Galabova
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ॐ Hi, I am Olga - a certify yoga teacher from Bulgaria, experienced in Ashtanga yoga Basics, Hatha and Vinyasa flow yoga. Welcome to my classes. More info on www.yolga.nl ॐ
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Olga Galabova

Hi, my name is Olga and I am a certified yoga teacher, experienced in Ashtanga yoga (basics), Vinyasa flow and Hatha yoga. 

For me yoga is a knowledge. Yoga is a gift. Yoga is an energy.
And yoga should be affordable and available for everyone. Especially in this dynamic crazy world we are living in. 

In TACA I teach Ashtanga yoga Basics. The class is designed for beginners, but for more experienced practitioners as well.

The class is an introduction to the Ashtanga practice - the tradition, the sequence, the terminology (vinyasa, drishti, bandha, ujjayi, tristasana).

A slower pace, which would allow a better body alignment and self-observation.

The classes are in English.

So… This is it. No memberships. No strings. Just you and yoga. In good and bad. For a price of a cup of fancy coffee or for a price that would support me in running my yoga classes. It is up on you. I’ll respect your word and I know you’ll do the right thing. I’m here to make Yoga classes available to all, and I’m here to appreciate your contribution.

Both iDeal and bank transfer are available.

For more info, schedule and pricing - please check www.yolga.nl