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Practice Awareness. Release Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Pain. Enjoy Love Of Freedom.
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TFR Healing  - Free yourself from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain. 


  • ​experience relief from physical symptoms, pain and emotional distress
  • enjoy better spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health
  • increase awareness about yourself & your life: your body, your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs, your relationships
  • enhance your ability to make clearer choices
  • create a healthier more satisfactory life and more fulfilling relationships
  • welcome positive manifestations in your life

Online: One to One Healing Sessions and Free Webinars
@TACA or other venues worldwide:  Spiritual Dramatic Integration Workshops 
healing workshops designed to restore you back into wholeness by bringing together the parts of yourself that you are nor aware of or those parts that you dislike, deny, disown, judge and reject. 
Main short term benefit: getting unstuck/unblocked regarding whatever you feel stuck, blocked or indecisive about right now in your life.
Main long term benefit: taking a step towards become whole, true, authentic & happy
Duration: approx. 3 hours (it might take longer if it needs to take longer)
Price: 50
Maximum participants: 8
Minimum participants: 3
Find the next one on the TACA Agenda or by checking on my website or facebook page
for more information please visit my website: www.healinggrasp.com