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I'm an Italian Osteopath graduated in Rome at CSOT and registered to ROI. I work with patient of all ages: newborns, pregnant women, young as well as older people.
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The passion and curiosity for the anatomy and the biomechanics of the human body were the reasons that motivated me to start this profession.

After graduating in Physiotherapy, I specialized in breathing courses, postural rehabilitation, neurokinetic facilitations, kinesio taping and finally I became an Osteopath. I continue to learn through study, experience, postgraduate courses and consulting with colleagues.

In Osteopathy I found basic concepts that I have always followed in my work and in my life: "Life is movement" and considering the body as a unity.

I believe that getting in touch with people, before patients, and through my knowledge, making possible for their unity to express itself again at its best are the things that, day after day, make me grow professionally and enrich me from a human point of view.

I found in TACA a peaceful and energizing environment where work in harmony, collaborating with other professionals.

I also arrange workshops about osteopathy, pregnancy, newborns and proprioception.

I speak Italian, English and I'm improving in Dutch.

If you want to know more about disturbs and diseases that Osteopathy can help with or about me, you can check my website http://iamosteo.com/ or contact me  at this email address r.mosconi@iamosteo.com