Amsterdam Chen Tai Chi and Chi Gong

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Sophie Fagan
Amsterdam Chen Tai Chi and Chi Gong

Amsterdam Chen Tai Chi and Chi Gong offers regular beginners courses, workshops and private lessons at TACA. The intention of the school is to empower people to learn how to take care of their body and mind's well being through embodying and practising the principles of Tai Chi and Chi Gong. No experience is necessary. Open to all people, ages and abilities. Everyone is welcome. About Tai Chi and Chi Gong Tai Chi and Chi Gong are ancient forms of Chinese exercise which have been practised for hundreds of years. The soft yet strong, flowing movements, combined with meditative breathing and mind focus, help to develop a deep sense of connection within our bodies and minds. Through regular practice this can develop a strong and flexible body and a calm and quiet mind. Amsterdam Chen Tai Chi & Chi Gong focuses on the teachings of Chen style which is more dynamic and powerful than lots of other styles of Tai Chi. The Chen style is the oldest form of Tai Chi ever practised. It uses lots of explosive movements as well as the soft and flowing type which gives it as a practice, tremendous potential to develop and evolve ones body and mind as a Tai Chi practitioner. About your instructor Sophie Fagan is a Tai Chi instructor from the UK now living in Amsterdam. She has studied Tai Chi for over ten years in a variety of settings. Having trained and taught at Tai Chi schools in Bristol UK as well as deepening her training at The Wudang Gong Fu Academy in China. This range of experience and inspiration has fuelled the enthusiasm and knowledge inherent in her teaching.  A few words from Sophie on her Tai Chi journey so far - "I discovered Tai Chi at a very stressful time of my life, when work got on top of me and I was finding it very difficult to switch off and find any ‘me time’. Practising Tai Chi regularly has changed all of that, helping me control my stress levels and providing me with that vital space to let go and relax. In turn it has deepened the connection between my mind and body developing good core strength and finding beauty in the movements, which are created in the Tai Chi forms. I love nothing more than to share the teachings of Tai Chi with those around me and to witness their development and learning." "Tai Chi is accessible to all ages and abilities. It's a well-being practice which you can enjoy for all of your life, improving your practice and reaping the benefits as you get older. Some of the most inspirational practitioners I have trained with have been in their 80's! I love that!" To enrol in a course or workshop or to find out more information please contact Sophie directly - Sophie Fagan - Tai Chi Instructor E: FB: Amsterdam Chen Tai Chi and Chi Gong T: 0627356429

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