Datum & Tijd
Date(s) - zaterdag 25 mei 2019
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

In this workshop you will learn to:
*identify how your brain handles, stores and retrieve information
*remove limiting ideas you have about yourself
*overcome low confidence and poor self esteem
*modify the way you think, feel and behave to achieve your goals
*apply life-changing NLP principles into your everyday life

There are all kind of ways we learn how to get self-esteem in our life. We go to personal growth retreats and seminars, we read books and we do positive affirmations. But still…. we feel that it is not working. Has this ever happened to you? The reason why is that inside ourselves we know exactly when we are telling nonsense. If nothing works it’s because we don’t esteem ourselves truly. We can repeat thousands of times “I love myself”, but if we are doing actions contrary to our inner truth, it is not going to work. And … if we are looking for our self esteem out of relationships, jobs or approval from other people, we are setting ourselves up for major disappointment because these factors are outside of our control.
There is only one thing we can control and this is the meaning we give to events and the way we interpret them.

The trainers:
Fusun Rynart is a Master Energy Healer and a Spiritual coach working in the field since 13 years. Her mission in life is, “give them the light, they will find the way”. She works on a deep soul level by tapping into the mind-body-soul connection with her unique healing talent. Fusun is trained by Dr. Eric Pearl, the founder of Reconnective Healing and many other masters in the energy field, as well as is a certified NLP Practitioner and Motivational Coach. She has been attending to Tony Robbins seminars for personal growth.
Learn more about Fusun: https://www.lifehealingacademy.com/

Daniela Russo is a life coach based in Amsterdam. After a successful career as lawyer and more than 15 years working around the world in humanitarian aid organizations she decided to dedicate herself to the coaching business and help people in their quest for meaning. Daniela is certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming® .
Learn more about Daniela: https://danielarussocoaching.nl/

Early Bird: 20 EUR (till 12th of May).
Regular price: 39 EUR (after 12th of May or at the door in cash).

Please note that there is no possibility for refund or rescheduling in case you can’t attend.
If you have any questions regarding event, do not hesitate to contact us.
Looking forward to meeting you at the event,
Daniela & Fusun